Danielle Frostig 

Instrumentation and Observational Astronomy

About me:

Hi! I build new astronomical instruments to learn about new phenomena in outer space. I am currently a graduate student in MIT Astrophysics working with Prof. Rob Simcoe and the ground-based instrumentation group.

I am the instrument scientist for WINTER, a new infrared camera on a 1-meter telescope that allows us to study the time-domain infrared sky. My PhD has been centered on designing, building, and using WINTER, which we installed at Palomar Observatory in June of 2023. You can learn more about WINTER and other instruments I have worked on at the research tab.

I also enjoy creating art, kayaking and hiking, and bringing space to the general public through outreach activities like the MIT Astrogazers




An all-sky infrared survey on a dedicated 1-meter robotic telescope.  Learn more.


An integral field unit  spectrograph splitting up the sky into 2400 fibers for simultaneous images and spectra on the Magellan Baade telescope. Learn more.


The acquisition, guide, and wavefront sensing prototype for the Giant Magellan Telescope.  Learn more.

Get in touch at frostig@mit.edu